email me to be added! everyone below is reprehensible and beyond saving and i do not endorse their numerous actions grey background, style of windows 9x button, cat called mauzy next to animated text which reads: (disappears) you like blogs dont you? animated gif with scrolling fading out text: shhhhh (fade out) the best kept secret animated gif with retropunk text outlined in blue filled with pink spelling: the arcade. background is a flashing arcade with lit up screens distorted gif with face of lain iwakura next to the font from the show in the top right reading: lainchan. grey background, pink design and text, glyphs surrounded by floral pattern still image, neon green text on black backdrop. reads: havinganame@neocities still image, monospaced green font on black backdrop. face in anime style to right of image with glow effect applied around it. text is glowing green around the edges blog banner. green leaves with light blue text in front white text on black background with blue cat. animated, cats eyes turn red and it rolls offscreen to the right. text reads: sizeof. cat is on the right of this text ascii art green terminal stylised text reading: varchar catgirl moving left and right next to 3d japanese characters emoticon smiley face on a grey backdrop round empty snail-like shell flashing in a circular motion reading: static image written in an old text editor reading: term% black on white. cyan border red handdrawn bubble writing squared text with thin black outline reading: gap & friend! on a 2 tone blue checkered backdrop 2 tone blue checkered backdrop. centered text on left half white with dark blue outline in retro font reading: NAVY JOE COMICS. black and white portrait of the mascot is on the right of the text tri tone black and white swirling effect with written in cursive font black background with orange flames. red text with black outline saying: redchanit grey border. black backdrop, glowing neon pink text flicking between 2 phrases:, your brain is tricking you into thinking. image flickers and has RGB noise and CRT scanlines yellow border, reddish black background. yellow text flickering like electricity flicking between 2 phrases: grafo, .zone 16bit style blonde character on baby blue background. text reads black and white, dice that says torpus. spinning human head with glitchy background effect lainnet banner. red text on black background next to lain iwakura banner banner SCI0 banner faith banner neetventures banner. pretty background 3to banner. white background, 3 spinning parallel apostrophes Vendell banner, black background, text reading don't delay click today tinfoil-hat banner, minimalist icon of a tiger next to text, green smiley face


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