Assorted good breakcore tracks

Tue, 04 Jun 2024, 07:33:00 PM

by tyler, yes, the tyler!
waddling animated ducks


Less analytical this time around! I’m just going to list off some of my favourite tracks, and hope you send some of yours.


  1. Live at A2B2 Night of Fire - Sewerslvt

    One of the best individual sets I have ever heard. 15 minutes of ever adaptive breakcore from sewerslvt. Her usage of sampling in this track is very subtle, with the usual distortion and slow build up. I feel bad saying its one of my favourite tracks because… all of her tracks are my favourite tracks, at least as of 2020.

  2. what we did in the desert - eightiesheadachetape

    A track that I wish had more streams that you should definitely give. I love the mood this song gives off, with most breakcore seeming more negative soundwise, this song seems to give an air of calm while also giving good gwomp gwomps and not abusing the amen break we have all heard a gajillion times.

  3. not enough breaks - toadmilk

    For a while, I worried toadmilk was yet another producer who liked to go onto tiktok and just spam shit like “my dog made this what do i do”, but their sound is surprisingly mature for a project as recent as 2022. I love their combination of ambient sound and piano mixed with the drums.

  4. Pills - Yung Lain

    Good synths throughout the song, pulsating bass and drums that create an excellent feeling of tension in the song. I could 100% see this song playing nightly at squat raves, and I love the sound that yung lain uses in this track. I am looking forward to giving their latest release a full listen.

  5. B With XTC - Harmful Logic & DJ Kuroneko

Harmful Logic and Kuroneko are both artists who’ve been putting out quality music for almost a decade now. Their music has always reminded me of the 2000s era of dnb mixed with the obligatory random anime samples every breakcore song is mandated by law to have and maybe a little amen break as a treat. They get a pass for it because I like them.

I hope you get a chance to listen to these. Also listen to cyberia lyr2. :3

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