the great react rewrite of '24

Sat, 20 Jan 2024, 03:19:10 AM

by tyler, yes, the tyler!
waddling animated ducks

Welcome back to my experiment, now continuing for the wonderous year of 2024.

the entire website has been rewritten in react.js in order to keep everything as bad and as soulless as possible. still trying to fix the weird CLS shit on first load but i think that it’s faster. i think i just wanted something to do !!

i hope you’re all well. shit is a kick in the balls sometimes. i haven’t fixed minesweeper yet and university is a fucking pain but it is what it is

all of my posts are written in MD now which means i can add pretty little :heart: hearts inline whenever i want and also do this. hooray ! it is also incredibly bloated and i have to polyfill everything. still working on better chunking my react code.

today i had an 18 inch pizza and yet somehow i do nothing but lose weight. i’m sure in a decade i’ll be a fat shit or a very pretty cadaver

hope you’ve all been well! more compelling writing is coming soon. maybe ;)

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