Music roundup #1: March 2024

Tue, 05 Mar 2024, 09:06:29 PM

by tyler, yes, the tyler!
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Welcome to the first installation of this thrilling document: the shrapnelnet music roundup of march 2024.

Today, I’ll focus on some stuff you should listen to. wow! what a topic! shut up!

Secondson: Esoteric, otherworldly production

Secondson is a Welsh composer known for his work in production using vintage equipment and rare or otherwise relatively unknown instruments with UK hip hop artists. A collector of synthesisers, vintage audio equipment and all manner of niche instruments. He blends interesting sounds together to create a beautiful composition out of instruments i couldn’t even name.

For now, he is mostly working on his solo career, but previously he has worked with figures in the scene like Xeno. Together, they worked under the name “Plague” and created several excellent albums, my favourite being Plague.

He also created a large project with a number of notable, talented UK artists such as Chester P, Jehst, Sway and Lewis Parker who are all giants in the UKHH scene. This project was called “& His Orchestra”, including one of my favourite UKHH songs of all time, “Turn it up to the red” featuring Jehst.

Snot: Alternative metal done right

Snot, as they are best known, released only one album before the tragic death of their lead singer Lynn Strait. “Get Some” was the name of their debut album, and in my opinion it is possibly one of the best metal albums ever released.

Get some features hard hitting, important lyrics and accomplished this far before their time. They touched on bigotry, racism and homophobia with remarkable lyricism. The song “Stoopid” in particular is an excellent critique on the backwards thinking of extremists and how their beliefs stem solely from self-hatred and intentional ignorance.

They are absolutely worth a listen, and if not for their lyrics (in case you’re who they’re singing about) then for their incredible work on the guitar, with funk inspired riffs and general awesome shredding in most of their songs. worth a listen!

The song “dirty” by Korn. yeah just that one.

you all know korn so i will not write you a little essay but this song in particular deserves more attention. the final song on the album “issues”. korn, personally, can be very hit or miss often due to the corny voice they do (i know its a staple of the genre but i cant stand it) but i LOVE this song. raw gutteral vocals, albiet simple, all tied together by a neat little chorus. i absolutely love it.


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