Infrastructure updates and web revival, or: "why the internet fucking sucks and will possibly forever"

Fri, 28 Jul 2023, 03:04:31 PM

by tyler, yes, the tyler!
waddling animated ducks

today i migrated this domain from to google cloud run. does like my 2 least favourite things, charges for usage hours which is stupid because they don’t reset monthly, and have an insanely slow cold start. i think it rebuilds ALL of my npm packages on each cold start.

for those of you who dont know what on earth npm is, it basically is a big bloated mess that is in love with getting rid of all of your computer storage and taking years upon years to install.

Webrevival is fucking cool and i’d like u guys to give it a go. go on neocities and just make shit, join a webring and support other people's shit.

i've personally found a bunch of cool stuff just looking around the internet. is an imageboard that you can only post to by actually mailing a postcard to their garden in boston.

rgbteahouse is one of the first sites i ever visited while looking through webrings and neocities. The owner is very friendly and they are very talented at art.

low tech magazine run a website powered entirely on solar panels. They have a lot of really cool sustainability related content and i always love reading it.\ni hope you consider making your own content on the internet because every day it is becoming more corporatized and used as a marketing tool

thank you for reading!!! :hugs:

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